Friday, November 26, 2004

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This is my new XML-based blog. For those who use IE, good luck with the CSS.

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Saturday, November 20, 2004

November 20, 2004

Today was rather average, and mostly boring. My brother woke me up, which put me in a fairly bad mood.

My lesson went fairly well, and I finally figured out my pitch problem on fourth position on Trombone.

When my dad got home from taking my brother to see the Spongebob Squarepants movie, he took me to the Apple Story in Lynnwood. I got my ear buds replaced with a much better pair, and a cool iPod case. Also, I found out about a special scratch remover for the plastic. On the way back, we stopped off at the Bedroom Superstore and my dad ordered my new mattress.

My afternoon was very boring, since all I had was online time. Much of my time was spent going through Wikipedia. I helped my dad with the mattresses when he came back, but then did nothing else.

Later on, I watched some of the Toonami late-night stuff, which was pretty good.

Sometime after 12 AM, I found a download for the fourth Digimion movie, which sounded cool. I watched it, and it wasn't as good as I had thought. Strangely, a lot of 'おれたち' was used by one of the major characters.

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Dream: Novermber 19-20, 2004

The first part I can remember starts off with a huge storm covering the area. Everyone rushed into the nearby building, which was on the crest of an incline. AN earthquake rumbled, causing the ground to start to wave around. I told everyone that we should run out of the building, fearing its collapse. We all dashed out.

I ran pretty far along the bank of the river, on a two-lane highway. Eventually, I tired and waited at a small area that reminded me of my high school. A large minivan drove up and parked. The people had to go, so they left me in charge of it. I managed to turn it into a thing that looked like a giant carpeted, flat cart. Before they came back, it looked as it did before. They drove away without me.

Oddly, this next segment looked like the children's show "PB&J Otter". The actual activities I can't remember, but it was like an episode of this.

Somehow, I ended up at my old church wit everyone that I've ever known. It was like some sort of graduation thing. It started off with a big show that included a few of my peers and myself. Sadly, I messed up. I then got out my Trombone and another kid got his French horn, and we played various things, on and off. I then put a trumpet mouthpiece in my trombone and blew, causing the slide to fly up to the ceiling. My band director said, "That'll cost 50 bucks." I retrieved the slide, and then played a bit more. For some reason, I put the Trumpet mouthpiece in another French horn and started to play. I was surprisingly good, which suggests that it was a Bb horn, since I know Bb fingerings.

The dream ended here.

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Friday, November 19, 2004

November 19, 2004

I suppose today went fairly well. Nothing bad happened.

Jazz was so much better than yesterday. I played much better than before, due to my night's long practice.

Only a test thing on the computer was done in Physics, which I scored fairly on.

Japanese was just people doing their oral tests. My partner and I did fairly well, but ours was a bit too short. One of the funniest involved insults. Also, another had "ゴジーラです。" Which was only funny for that instant.

The pacers in P.E. tired me out quite a bit, but the pushups were easy enough. Once the work was done, I talked to this one guy I've known of for a while. He apparently has extensive knowledge of computers, and we talked up a storm.

English was just reading, while I liked. I got 1/6 further through my book.

Lunch was a bit better than usual. My friend was there, but she quickly lost my attention. AS a drink, I got the strawberry Fanta again, since I liked it so much before.

We barely got any work done in Math, thanks to my group being easily distracted. They kept telling me to stay back with them, when they rarely did their work.

Band was a little boring, due to the fact that I can't participate in Solo and Ensemble. Before the actual date, I'll be out of Bothell high. I just practiced Jazz on trombone. Some people saw it as a bit strange that I did Jazz trombone, but I dismissed it.

I really would've preferred to listen to music on the way home, but I didn't. I just somewhat listened to my friend talk.

Once home, I just did normal online stuff for a while. I got to thinking:

This will explain what happened that one day. Once I get this off of my chest, it'll probably help me more than anything.

Previously, I went on a date to the movies. She talked to her friend a bit, which was rather rude for during a movie. It didn't really bother me, since the movie wasn't too good, anyway.

I got to the pool early, as I am always early to everything. Eventually, she came over and we chatted a bit. Introductions were done and such. Once in there, we sat by the pool, which wasn't allowed. We all moved to a new spot, where I listened to my iPod. I talked to her a bit and explained that I wanted more attention. I then went back to my music. When I went back to talk to her, she said that I needed to come up with things to talk about. (Honestly, I'm a boring person, so I'm not too good with this. I should've expected not to talk too much because of this.) She said that I could leave if I wanted to, and I took her up on the offer. I got a ride home, even after everyone said that I should've stayed.

Later on, I e-mailed her and got all aggressive, which got me in a bit of trouble. I stopped when I went too far, yet she still hates me.

I basically cut the wound, then threw salt into it repeatedly until it stung a bit too much. I really should've stopped much earlier.

All of the italics are things that should've either been done another way or not have been done at all. Nearly all of the mistakes are mine, but it's human nature. At least I learned from them.

Later on, I went off to the mall with my dad, where we first started to talk about the server setup. We then broke off. The first bit of my time was spent at Borders, reading MacWorld Plus, a very good Apple magazine. Once I finished that, I wandered about and went into the Apple store. I found out that I could get my Apple headphones replaced, but I don't think that I will. The Sennheisers are so much better. I went back to my dad and brother and walked with them, discussing various computer things with my dad. AS I walked with them, a couple of girls from school waved to me. I just returned a friendly smile and wave. Of course, I listened to my music the entire time. ON the way home, I got a vanilla shake, which was very good.

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Thursday, November 18, 2004

November 18, 2004

Today was pretty good at first, but ended up badly.

I did fairly well in Jazz band, but could stand improvement. Trombone is becoming so much fun to play, too.

Physics was decent for a while, but this one girl was being really annoying. Honestly, the fact she failed probably promoted that, at least in my opinion. It got me really angry, but my friend helped to calm me and get me back to work.

I have to say, Japanese was especially fun. After the easy test, we got to watch a movie. It was very good, since it was the same movie as last time. So much funny stuff. After class ended, we had resource. I just talked to this guy about anime and funny happenings for most of the time, then listened to music.

Weight lifting was tough in P.E, but I managed. My friend in that class apparently has a strained tendon in his left arm, so he'll have to only do one-armed lifts. my bandage for the thumb injury came off today, revealing a mostly healed cut into my skin. Of course, only the inner layer had healed.

Presentations were done in English, for the huge posters we did. I first noticed that my poster was especially large, due to my bad planning. My partner and I went fourth, and around eleven total presentations were gone through.

Lunch was fairly lonely for me. Sadly, the yogurt in my lunch popped, and I didn't want to touch anything in there. So, I got strawberry Fanta soda and two candy bars for lunch, due to the fact I only had $5. The soda tasted like strawberry Jell-O! The kid from Japanese said it was good, and I agreed. Vicky and I discussed over our relationship problems, and I made the bottom line clear. I also talked to my English substitute a bit, and helped out. IN my opinion, she's overworked. I also got a photo taken of a friend from Tajikistan and myself. The girl that took our picture went into the men’s' room to get pictures of her friends. It was pretty funny.

Math was so boring, since all we did was SAT preparation stuff.

Most of band was spent talking, but nowhere near as much as yesterday. I had fun playing as always, yet only improved marginally.

My afternoon was spent doing nothing important. I did a little bit of research and work on XML, trying to write this entry in it. Sadly, it wouldn't work. I also found out that the girl that I was going to the mall with tomorrow had a dentist appointment, which really hurt. Although, the evils of the world flew back into my mind, allowing full contemplation.I had a really good practice session on trombone and euphonium. It's so much fun! What really made my day was finally getting a live version of BUB into AAC form, so I'll have it on my iPod.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

November 16-17, 2004

I've been very busy over the past two nights.

November 17, 2004

Today, I spent a lot of time on my P.E. weight chart outside of school. It's written in XML, and is comprised of an XML file, an XSLT file, a DTD file, and a CSS file.

Before school, I talked a bit with a certain girl that I've been talking to for a few weeks. The conversation was pretty much nonexistant, since we've never talked face-to-face. Oddly enough, I know her back from junior high, since she went to Skyview.

Physics was just normal. I've notecide that we get very little homework in this class, yet I got quite a bit tonight.

Japanese was pretty laid back. A friend of mine in that class came to sit beside me and work on the activity packet stuff. After finishing, he stayed there, since his partner wasn't really working with him. Towards the end of the period, things just were as if it were resource. Voting was done on kindest student and student with most spirit. Obviously, I voted for my friend that has 4 classes with me, since he's a good guy. I also voted, jokingly, for a senior that was sitting in back for kindest. He didn't even have class with us. We got out five minutes early, fortunately.

I got to P.E. about 7 minutes or so early, since it was in the computer lab. Upon discovering that we could listen to music while working, I did the obvious. While doing as such, I started work on my XML-based weight-lifting chart. The biggest shortgcoming was that there was no text processor, so I used MS Word. Surprisingly, it worked just fine. I could type all of the code without interference. A few guys bothered me for a while, but I ignored them.

I barely did anything in English, since my part of the dreaded poster was finished. My partner finished his, and we completed it before class ended. The only real work I did was write up the notecard for our presentation. For the rest of the period, I discussed flaws in English with the substitute teacher and talked to friends.

At lunch, I ate alone in the old spot. No one was sitting where they used to, which my friend predicted. AFter finishing my food, I wandered about, aimlessly. I talked to a few people, only after leaving by backpack in the classroom.

Math was pretty interesting. We got new seats, which was interesting. It took a while to finalize everything, though. As per usual, my group finishe the investigation in one day.

In band, we talked about the fundraiser that's coming up. It involves some weird things with Sunday newspaper coupons. We only played music fr about 15 minutes.

I rode the bus home, sitting next to my friend. Quite a lot was bothering her, and she told me to read her poems to find out what. It didn't take much to see the meaning between the words.

At home, I did one physics assignment while watching some good TV, which took about 2 hours, for no real reason. I then completed my XML. With the code I will provide here, you'll get a glimpse of only one of the four files I've made for it:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

<?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="weight-chart-style.xsl" ?>
<!DOCTYPE chart SYSTEM "weight-chart-dtd.dtd">
<chart-title>Weight-Lifting Chart</chart-title>
<chart-data day="Monday">
<exercise title="Exercise">
<exercise title="Exercise">
November 16, 2004

Today was a very long and tiring day.

Jazz was average. Most of it was discussing performance in the Jazz festival, which we did decently in. Oddly enough, an alto sax player got an award for a trumpet solo that he never did. It was a joke for a very long time.

In P.E, I finally got back to weightlifting. On the bench press, I managed to get 90 lbs 4 times at what I thought was a 90% rep. It rally wasn't, but I got good exercise out of it.

In ENglish, we watched a movie about Shakespeare. I could've sworn that I saw this movie last year, in English/History. It was interesting to a very low degree, but enjoyable somewhat.

At lunch, I sat alone, which didn't bother me. Wandering around made up the rest of the time.

Due to the rain, I didn't run after school. The good part about that was that I could bring my trombone home to practice.

Once home, I started fairly early on the English poster. My focus was marginal at best, since I read up on the origin of the Floppy Disk, CD, recorder, clarinet, and saxophone. I ended up finishing around 10:30 PM, and became very exhausted due to the excess work.

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Monday, November 15, 2004

November 15, 2004

Today was nothing but average, other than the evening. As previously stated, I won't be able to get my entries about the weekend up, due to my busy schedule.

Before school, I waited out for a girl in front of the school for a while, but she didn't show. She did eventually, according to her, but only after I left. I talked to my friends for a minute, and then left abruptly, which concerned one of them. She followed me out.

I got the phone number from that girl mentioned in the assembly on Wednesday. When I got home, I chatted with her a bit, only to find an unexpected and unpleasant link to the past. I'll have to ignore it.

In Japanese, we've started work on our oral exam. Finally, a somewhat real conversation. I'm working with my only friend from the class.

P.E. was just made of laps around the gym, since there was rain and construction on our normal path. I got to listen to my new music, too.

Lunch was messed up. Vicky was busy with her friend, while everyone else sat somewhere else. Fortunately, my foreign friend and I ate lunch together. I gave him my water, since he had nothing to drink.

After school, I talked to the girl. A while later, I went off to see my new psychologist. It was really needed, and I got a lot off of my chest.

As the day draws to a close, I'm very unhappy, almost painfully slow. I can't explain why or how, but I don't like it. It may have been something to do with my first real online girlfriend coming back, acting like her annoying self. Fortunately, I blocked her on MSN. It still bothers me, though.

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I won't be able to update about the weekend for a while, since I'm too busy.

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Sorry about not updating. My computer's CPU fan died, and my dad ended up cleaning up a lot of spyware. I'll update later today, if I get a chance.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

November 10, 2004

"My day was- actually good for the most part. I was happier than usual, until I had to deal with someone from my past.

Jazz band got out early, since the room needed to be used. I hugged Vicky a lot, due to the fact I had missed her so much. I was so happy to see her, too.

Physics was funny. One of my friends rode the "physics chair" to demonstrate negative and positive acceleration. When he was pushed back into the chair, the acceleration was positive. When he fell out of the chair, the acceleration was negative. He was in such a good mood for the rest of the day because of that.

In Japanese, we watched a funny movie about a team of synchronized swimmers that were just starting out. It was so random, too. Oddly enough, it reminded me of Napoleon Dynamite, due to this randomness. They eventually got pretty good at it. One of their practice sessions was recorded on TV, and their team grew several times in size.


The assembly was pretty good. Sadly, I didn't get a chance to sit by Vicky. Although, I talked to this one girl that I've been trying to get into contact with for a while. I hope to speak with her again.

As the people finally filled the bleachers, two of my friends came up and sat in front of me. It was a welcome sight, too. My friend ended up leaning against my right leg because her back hurt.

The first part of the assembly was the Eagle Scouts presenting the colors. There were a few poems, a journal reading from a soldier over in Iraq with a slide show, and a candles thing for the veterans. One thing that I've learned: war is bad!

I didn't do much in P.E. I found a weight program that I could do, then just goofed off.

English was a free-reading period, so I just listened to my music and read my book. I've found so much interesting stuff about how the human brain evolved in my book, which got me thinking deeply.

I finally got a lunch period to spend with Vicky. We started off by sitting. I thought about the human evolution, while Vicky and her friend ate away. They eventually left, but I wasn't finished with my lunch yet. I left once I did finished, and wandered to the front. Oddly enough, no one was there. As I started back, I encountered Vicky and we wandered off. When I passed by a girl from my old school, I could've sworn that her friend smiled at me.

Math started late, due to the odd schedule. It was just a normal class with a bit less work than average.

We got quite a bit of work done on 'Jingle Bells' in band. There are some funny parts that just crack me up.

My friends were actually on the bus! We had a pretty average discussion. Strangely, my friend was reading my eyes. She doesn't due this as much as she did this time. While I was thinking of band music, yet feeling a little alone, she said that my eyes went from happy to sad repeatedly. When I thought of some Jazz stuff, they went to pure happy. I guess that band makes me happy.

My afternoon wasn't anything other than usual. I ate dinner at a usual time. Also, I found a site with 10 free downloads of music. I got "Snoopy Versus the Red Baron" and "Build Me up Buttercup", both oldies songs. I also talked to a girl from my old online life, which brought me down. I apparently set up a meeting at a mall with a girl that's a friend of mine next Saturday.

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